Over the years, the frequency of my tv interventions has been highly correlated with the Euro Crisis’ above-the-surface intensity. This page offers links to some of them.

Featured videos: The two featured videos that I selected for this page are: (a) a mini documentary on the Euro Crisis that I wrote and presented for Channel 4 and (b) a far-ranging interview with Christian Amanpour on CNN International. 

Scroll below the two featured videos that follow for the comprehensive list of links (last updated October 2013):

My Channel 4 mini documentary on the Euro Crisis’s essence: ‘Ants and Grasshoppers revisited’


Addressing the spectre of Austerity over Europe

12 JUN 2011 – Crisis Update – On Dutch TV 

16 JUN 2011 – George Papandreou’s government on its last legs, on Bloomberg TV

16 JUN 2011 – The European conundrum (as I experienced it in a France24 TV debate)

28 JUN 2011 – “Like atheists crossing themselves, hoping for a miracle”. On RT-tv discussing opposition to Greek protests against the reinforced austerity measures

29 JUN 2011 – On Al Jazeera’s Inside Story, with presenter Divya Gopalan discusses with guests: Yanis Varoufakis, a professor of economics at the Univeristy of Athens; Karen Young, a professor of political science at the American University in Sharjah; and Alexi Pavlou, a Greek national and credit risk manager for a regional bank in the Gulf.

25 JUL 2011 – Greece cannot be rescued unless the eurozone is redesigned: Interviewed on ABC LATELINE

14 AUG 2011 – Interviewed by Max Keiser on the European Crisis, the Banks, Germany’s Intentions and the state of the United States

19 SEP 2011 – To use it it would have to be prepared to lose it: On Sky tv, the Jeff Randall show, explaining why Germany is not using its power to fix the euro

8 SEP 2011 – Two interviews (Dutch tv & CBC Radio): The gruesome Greek sideshow continues while the main game is played out off camera

11 OCT 2011 – It’s a banking crisis… Video courtesy of Koen Aarts. Taped just after my University of Groningen presentation on 6th October 2011

21 OCT 2011 – Europe needs a circuit breaker: Interviewed by ABC TV’s The 7.30 Report

27 OCT 2011 – On ‘The Capital Account’ tv show foreshadowing another European fiasco (a few hours before the EU announcement of Greece’s 2nd Bailout – which was the death knell to the Prime Ministership of George Papandreou – but also of Silvio Berlusconi)

28 OCT 2011 – Europe’s newest Orwellian moment: On ABC TV’s Lateline discussing the latest plan to save the euro

9 NOV 2011 – The Euro, Greece, the World Economy: Part A of an hour long interview on ‘The Agenda’ with Steve Paikin (Ontario TV)

9 NOV 2011- The Euro, Greece, the World Economy: Part B, a debate with Colin Bradford and Mattias Matthijs (Ontario TV)

17 NOV 2011 – On the US, European and Greek Crisis: Video of a double act with Rick Wolff at the Brecht Forum

24 NOV 2011 – Video of a conversation with Henry Farrell (with a reference to the ill fated Baroso eurobond proposals)

4 DEC 2011 – Euro unwinding fast: Talking to Max Keiser on ‘On The Edge’ about how the unwinding may play out

10 DEC 2011 – Interview on Capital Account, 9th Dec 2012: On the indispensability of the political dimension

19 JAN 2012 – Two interviews on RT-tv regarding the PSI negotiations

29 JAN 2012 – Euro, Davos, Canada and that which the World economy desperately lacks (Demand!) (On TV Ontario, interviewed by Steve Paikin)

8 FEB 2012 – Greece should default within the eurozone: On CNBC tv

9 FEB 2012 – On the Keiser Report, again (from 15′)

11 FEB 2012 – Plaster on a festering wound; on RT-tv talking about the new Greek Bailout

14 FEB 2012 – On Bloomberg tv, arguing that the Greece’s Bailout Mk2 is unsustainable

21 FEB 2012 – On BBC tv, hours after Greece’s Bailout Mk2, commenting on the deal

21 FEB 2012 – My documentary for Channel 4: The Eurozone, the Ant and the Grasshopper

6 APR 2012 – An interview on the Global Minotaur’s themes (in four parts), with Robert Johnson, (Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). Click: Part A (The Global Minotaur)Part B (Bankruptocracy)Part C (The two faces of the Crisis) and Part D (Europe by Mis-Design)

9 APR 2012 – On CBS’s 60 Minutes program on ‘An Imperfect Union: Europe’s Debt Crisis’ My account of being involved in this program

29 APR 2012 – Interviewed by Christiane Amanpour, CNN International: The case for a European New Deal

15 MAY 2012 – Debating ‘Grexit’ on France24 tv

8 JUN 2012 – In conversation with Rob Johnson (INET Chairman) on the Global Minotaur, the Slump, US and Europe

12 JUN 2012 – Spain joining Ireland in the Euro Workhouse: Interviewed by Lauren Lyster on The Capital Account

15 JUN 2012 – Ponzi Austerity: Interviewed on the Keiser Report

18 JUN 2012 – Interviewed by Robert Wright on the Euro Crisis Extensive interview with Robert Wright (author of The Evolution of GodNonzero) on the Euro and Greek Crisis – for

20 JUN 2012 – We don’t need more time to hang ourselves – on CNN Int’s Amanpour show

20 JUN 2012 – “Unfortunately, Greece’s bailout terms will be loosened up by the troika” On Reuters explaining why ‘unfortunately’

20 JUN 2012 – A technical failure foretold? My interrupted BBC TV interview on the… BBC’s bias

26 JUN 2012 – Greece is ungovernable (while the euro’s derailment continues): On ABC tv 7.30 Report

14 JUL 2012 – On BSkyB discussing the New Great Depression: Yanis Varoufakis and Julian Jackson

22 JUL 2012 – On BBC World TV arguing that Greece had an alternative to accepting a toxic bailout: Default within the Eurozone

22 AUG 2012 – An extension to Greece’s ‘Program’ will simply prolong Greece’s Great Depression: On RT TV News today

5 SEP 2012 – On BSkyB commenting on the troika’s latest assault on Greek labour

16 SEP 2012 – Update on the Crisis in Greece: A chat with Max Keiser

17 OCT 2012 – Should the completion of the Single Market be Europe’s top priority now? Watch the video of the 90-minute debate

25 OCT 2012 – Discussing Greece and Europe on Business Spectator; interviewed by Robert Gottliebsen

16 NOV 2012 – Political paralysis and the Eurozone crisis: USI Web Conference

15 FEB 2013 – A discussion with Evergreen College students on the state of the global economy

27 MAR 2013 – Cyprus’ dire repercussions for the Eurozone: On RT tv

2 MAY 2013 – Taking stock: May Day video discussion with Unite Solidarity International

27 JUL 2013 – Discussing the Modest Proposal on ‘Prime Interest’, RT tv

5 SEPT 2013 – Interviewed by Carmen Aristegui, CNN Mexico, on Mexico’s financial and energy sector reforms

5 DEC 2013 – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tulips and Deflation – on RT-TV 

9 JAN 2014 – On RT-tv discussing the Eurozone Crisis & Greece as Athens is taking over the rotating EU Presidency

13 FEB 2014 – On TR-tv discussing Europe, the Scottish Question, France, Greece and Italy

24 FEB 2014 –  Austerity as a destabilising assault on the New Deal institutions: A joint presentation by J.K. Galbraith & Y. Varoufakis in the context of The George Kennan Distinguished Lecture Series, of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

27 MAR 2014 – Austerity – a televised debate (by the Institute of World Affairs) on its logic and discontents featuring J.K. Galbraith, Jeff Sommers and Yanis Varoufakis

15 APR 2014 – More on the Grand Greek De-coupling – Interviewed on RT tv

16 APR 2014 – A televised debate on whether we should care about inequality (Y. Brook, J.K.Galbraith, Y. Varoufakis)

30 MAY 2014 – On Sun News TV (Canada): The Euro Project in the light of the 2014 European Parliament Elections

9 SEP 2014 – Is Mr Draghi’s ‘turn’ significant? Is Germany ‘turning’? Can Europe escape its ‘iron cage’? Plus, on the Scottish currency plans – on Boom-Bust RT-tv

27 OCT 2014 – Discussing the ECB stress tests on RT tv

3 DEC 2014 – Discussing Thomas Piketty’s inequality treatise with Andrew Mazzone – video


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  1. I think what you propose is simple and brilliant. Even though your party is perceived as completely socialist and far left wing, it is really more capitalist in the sense that everyone should have a chance at prosperity. I am an American an this is what I love about my country. I started with nothing and through hard work and education I have succeeded in life. There are endless opportunities in this country. I do have some greek ancestry and it saddens me that they do not have the same chances that I have had. I hope you can break the chain of favoritism and oligarchism and allow everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in life.

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