Presentations, reviews et al on the Global Minotaur




  • Click here for Davil Laibman’s review for Science and Society
  • Click here for a review published in Left Eye on Books
  • Click here for a review in the Los Angeles Review of Books
  • Click here for an interview, regarding this book, published in Naked Capitalism
  • Click here for a feature article in the New York Times that refers extensively to the Global Minotaur
  • Click here for a review of the German edition in Die Zeit
  • Click here for a review in Dutch
  • Click here for a review of the Spanish edition in El Pais
  • Click here for a review in Hebrew by Uri Pasovsky, in The Calcalist
  • Click here for an interview conducted with a Spanish journalist on the occasion of the book’s Spanish edition
  • Click here for a review in Die Zeit Online of the German edition
  • Click here  for three reviews of the German edition
  • Click here for a review by Raja Junankar for the Economics and Labour Relations Review
  • Click Why is the Global Crisis so persistent? Q&A with Ben Hunt of Fund Strategy on the themes of the Global Minotaur
  • Click here for a long review/summary from a distinctly Australian perspective by Paul Tyson

One thought on “Presentations, reviews et al on the Global Minotaur

  1. I believe debt is the problem. There is no real mountain of savings. Balance sheets do not list debt and savings they list debt and assets. Now one might say assets are savings but to do so one must embrace the ‘moneyness’ of all those new financial instruments. All those MBS’s in 2007 were then savings, until they weren’t. The assets were inflated then they deflated and their moneyness disappeared. Leaving debt backed by a deflated asset.

    So it is still, most of our ‘savings’ are myriad financial instruments backed by far too little good collateral. Their moneyness. their savingness, an illusion. The majority of these assets are debts owed and then the derivatives of these debts. These are not savings they are the illusion of savings

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