About the author

About the Author:

Born in Athens, 1961, Varoufakis completed his secondary education in Greece before moving to England where he read mathematics and economics at the Universities of Essex and Birmingham. After teaching in various British Universities (Essex, East Anglia, Cambridge, Glasgow), he spent twelve years teaching at the University of Sydney (Australia) before, eventually, returning to Athens where he directed the University of Athens’ Political Economy Division. Currently he teaches at the LBJ Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin. This is his first book intended for a broad audience. His earlier, more stuffy, books include Modern Political Economics: Making sense of the post-2008 world (with J. Halevi and N. Theocarakis, Routledge), Game Theory: A critical text (with S. Hargreaves-Heap, Routledge), Foundations of Economics: A beginner’s companion (Routledge) and Rational Conflict (Blackwell). Recently, he has emerged as an active participant in the debates over the Global, European and Greek Crises as well as a co-founder of http://www.vitalspace.org

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