2 thoughts on “Capitalism vs Democracy vs Capitalism: My TED Global Talk

  1. Great lesson and great conversation! The abilitity of turning very complex subjects into “simple” words is a tool not everybody possess! Thanks Professor for your fight! Decent humans have to keep fighting!

  2. Great speech, but sobering.
    Given the state, and slate, of the current U.S. elections, it’s hard to be optimistic about Democracy or about the ability of capitalism to self-correct.
    Also, I wish you had made it clearer that the financial elites who are withholding $5.4t are doing so not just out of fear of lack of demand, but because policies they helped create, have made “saving” in asset bubbles so much more profitable. Money, as we know, goes to where it can get the greatest return, and bad money chases out good in a Gresham’s dynamic.

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