Artists should be feared by the powerful – Keynote closing the 6th Moscow Biennale, 1st October 2015 (audio)

MOSCOW BIENNALE - 1st October 2015

Click above for an audio of my Moscow talk – which RT-tv was broadcasting live until I began to criticise the Putin government…

4 thoughts on “Artists should be feared by the powerful – Keynote closing the 6th Moscow Biennale, 1st October 2015 (audio)

  1. Professor, sorry to give you a suggestion. Knowing that you will be in Coimbra, Portugal on the 17th, at the Law Faculty, and though your not a jurist, wouldn’t it be interesting to mention the ‘state of exception’ we are living, according to the thought of Agamben, Foucault and Benjamin? Not enough people, I believe, nowadays are particular interested in discussing it, which axiely is probably one of the reasons our so called democracies keep on destroy democracy!

  2. I applaud your Moscow Talk, as a great lesson of citizenship, culture and humanity. Unfortunately, too less voices from activists from the left are being heard, something which happened nearly in a daily basis in Europe until the seventies, when the ‘comodification’ of life (society including politics, labour, arts) was not having its tentacles as it happens right now. One of those who saw your ‘departure’ of the greek government as regrettable but I admit that your role in Europe as well as a few other activists, step by step, will find more public and will trigger action among too many people who still do not know how to participate in public life! I do have to believe so, not because its a question of faith but because its un imperative for us, humans, our survival, the survival of our planet. It’s not going to be easy…BUT IT WAS NEVER EASY! Let’s wake up!

  3. Well, those of us, who have hoped, after your backstepping from politics, that you would resume your usually pretty lengthy and always in-depth analyses of the Euro crisis and its politics here in this blog, are little disappointed. Perhaps you have spoiled us. You have really been among the very few sources of information, that helped us make sense of the events. What plans do you have concerning this blog?

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