A night at occupied ERT. A night to remember. A night that friends at the BBC, ABC, CBC ought to note

For those of us who grew up in the Greece of the neo-fascist colonels, nothing can stir up painful memories like a modern act of totalitarianism. When the television screen froze last night, an hour before midnight, as if some sinister power from beyond had pressed a hideous pause button, I was suddenly transported to the 60s and early 70s when a disruption in television or radio output was a sure sign that another coup d’ etat was in the offing. The only difference was that last night the screen just froze; with journalists still appearing tantalisingly close to finishing their sentence. At least the colonels had the good sense of pasting a picture of the Greek flag, accompanied by military tunes…

After the state channels froze on our screens, I turned to the commercial ones assuming that this major piece of news would be recorded and commented upon by them. Not a word. Soaps, second rate movies and informationals. That was all we got. As if ERT’s, the public radio and television service’s, instant demise was not worth a mention by their commercial competitors. Soon after the phone rang. It was a journalist friend. Her message to me: “Come to ERT now. Thousands are gathering. It will be a long night.” And so I did.

Indeed, thousands had gathered. The dual carriageway in front of the building was closed to traffic as the crowds gathered in front of ERT’s building. Inside the building all the staff were there, despite a police order to vacate the facility. All studios were running, all systems were go. Only, of course, the signal was not reaching the outside world, cut off by technicians working for other parts of government. Still, ERT’s people managed to upload a tv signal onto a disused analogue transmitter and at least some Athenians had output. In that context, they ushered me into the studio, where I was interviewed by anchors in full make up, as if nothing had changed.

My words to them were: “I feel I have the moral authority to be here in support of your cause; to castigate ERT’s barbaric closure. I say this because, as you know, your government bosses had me blacklisted from this station ever since I refused to keep quite about Greece’s bankruptcy. That act of totalitarianism was a prelude to the much grosser one that we are experiencing tonight. Clearly, I am not the person to say that ERT was a splendid organization unblemished by censorship, political interference or corruption. But I think I am the person possessing the moral authority to stand here tonight in front of you and say that, despite all its ills, the totalitarian manner in which ERT was closed down was a crime against all civilised people the world over. Think about it: Mr Rupert Murdoch, and people of his ilk, will be ecstatic tonight. Who is to say that ERT’s dismantling cannot be the blueprint that will lead to the privatisation of the BBC, of the ABC in Australia, of CBC in Canada etc. etc.?”

photoThen, I stepped outside the studio to a cacophonous web of corridors and then outside the building itself. To find thousands of people gathered, joining in ERT’s excellent musicians in an impromptu heart-warming concert – see photo. When I left a couple of hours later, just before 5am, more people were arriving. Is this our Taksim Square? Only time will tell. So far the only certainty is that Greece took another step down the stairway to hell.

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  3. Still don’t get what all the fuss is about – This country has run out of money; does not matter which party put who where – game over. Move on. It is all about the bucks – if not, then clearly 1) ERT employees should volunteer their services to the “public” for free or 2) those citizens who really think that ERT is the sole voice of democracy in Greece can always volunteer their funds to keep the place running, in the age of internet and crowd sourcing, crowd funding, you’d think that some smart Greek would have already thought of this. ….PS, to the folks out there who claim that ERT has made a “profit” – last time I checked, an annual tax funding injection to the tune of EUR 300m does not constitute a profit. Indeed, whole thing seems like the revolving door scam between the various political parties in Greece – same as always. Shut the thing down and move on – all those monthly savings that the citizens of Greece will now have can go to things that people really want.

    • Yeah that’s right, the money can go to what we really want. Like hospitals. Wait, what are those doctors striking for today? Oh yes. They are closing hospitals too. Funny,huh? Also ERT had a 40.97 million surplus, the Ministry of Finance admitted in May.

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  5. Yanis,
    Your warning to the Australian ABC et al is timely. A recent Liberal Party (ie next government after Sept) conference discussed an agenda item of privatising the ABC. Fortunately they won’t ever do it because; a/ the ABC has a very broad support base, and b/ the powerful commercial broadcasters are strongly opposed to the ABC entering the market for advertising dollars. Having said that, the last Liberal government featured a prominent communication minister (Richard Alston) who rather bizarrely attempted to control the ABC by peppering the public complaints system with complaints of his own. That is, he used his own ministerial office to complain about such things as (channeling Homer Simpson’s father here perhaps…) a newsreader showing political bias by an upward inflection in their voice at a particular moment…
    Our thoughts are with your television sets and radios.

    • Hi Patrick – Iam too familiar with these dicussions within Lib/Nat parties even though iam an “outsider” – I remember in the late 90s, Howard asked a former CEO of Optus/ SingTel (i think) to do an assessment of the ABC with public feedback – the overwhelming feedback was DONY breakup and/or privatise the ABC, but they were saddled with a noecon CEO for a number of years…I have a great deal of respect for the current CEO…we will have to wait & see what happens after Sept election when Mr Abbott & his team take the Gov benches…

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  8. For the record, I am quoting from the BBC site http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-22883236

    “The announcement came after months of strikes by ERT employees in opposition to plans to restructure the broadcaster.”

    I think it tells all , and it is even frightening because I would expect that the decision for the drastic closing and reopening would have looked at the risks of the move. Which means that such is the resistance of the civil sector to restructure that the government felt it had no choice but to make a strong example of one wasteful public organization because it would not get the rest of the money and would fall anyway.

    The game από το άλλο μου το αυτί γιατι είναι η μάνα μου κουφή must be finally totally unacceptable to the overseers.

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  10. After reading an article in the NYT about the shutting down of ERT
    which seemed to suggest that the plan of troika in pushing for public sector cuts was to replace older, low skilled workers with better educated, young workers, and after hearing that Samaras called Greece a Jurassic Park, I wonder if the new excuse for austerity in Greece is no longer that it is a way to punish “lazy” workers but a way to “modernize” Greece. I suppose it was also part of the plan to plunge the country in such misery that its young and high skilled workers would leave the country before the “modernization” process begins.

    • Greece’s Jurassic dinosaurs are its politicians, not its citizens and certainly not ERT.

      Samaras also called anyone who supports ERT a “hypocrite”.

      ERT has always made a profit. Because of that successive greek government have used ERT’s profits to provide well paid jobs for family members, pals, their own staff – most of whom never stepped into ERT.
      Including this government, and notably Simos Kedigoglou who as government spokesman made the announcement of ERT closure, trashing ERT for “opacity and waste” – yet he has made numerous 3500€ per month “ERT” appointments for his own office staff.

      Stournaras, Finance Minister, has tolerated this situation – please draw your own conclusions.

      This at a time when heads of medical departments in hospitals, ie consultant specialists, are on salaries of c.1500€ pm and junior doctors less than 1000€. And the new ‘competitive’ wage in Greece is c.550€ pm, ie half of the EU poverty level.

      The problems of ERT all go back – WITHOUT exception – to the abuse of ERT by greek governments, starting with their ‘pressure’ on the news reporting.

      So who really are the hypocrites & dinosaurs here?

    • Yes, Maria, it seems, “modernization” (or german “Verschlankung”, which is in this context a sadistic term meaning that if my stomach was too fat I had to lose a little weight…- they “slim down the companies”= fire workers) is a term many use often nowadays. It sounds so nice. “Hey, let’s modernize”.
      It is horrible, and I stopped listening to some german news because it made my blood boil, and some lazily spoken words of some historians have the same effect. Yet some times I get the feeling the leftists of Europe have no good answers, meaning we don’t stick together like we should. Some people in Germany get poorer too, and seem to – just give up, surrounded by many that still are fine. (German low wages are a part of the european problem, as we know. Belgium even wanted to take Germany to the court because of our low wages – 23% of our workers work in such poor jobs, compared to still 2% in Sweden, even if the right wing there wants to change that, alas…) This all is a nightmare, and my best wishes go out to Yanis and the people of this wonderful picture that are a part of the masses there.

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  13. What a stirring report. As Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamen, among others, eloquently reported, public action is one of the most characteristic parts of the human experience. Paris in 1848, 1871, and 1968, Berkeley in the same year, Tahrir Square in Cairo, Taksim Square in Turkey, not to mention the Pnxy and Syntagma Square there in Athens – time after time human beings at regular intervals have gone to the public square to seek justice, but also to reclaim their common identity. Thanks for this report from heart of politics.

  14. I understand the hard feelings of the ERT employees. On the other hand side, if what some media report is true, ERT is a poster child for things that went wrong in the Greek public sector. And we all know that the public sector is one of the big weights which drag whole Greece down the drain.

    It is reported that according to Simos Kedikoglu, ERT has about 7 times the number of employees as comparable stations, its main news format has a market share of only 6%, and none of its radio channels more than 1.5%.

  15. A nice description of the situation Professor.The critical question to be posed is:Are we talking for a new taxim square situation?If so,what would be the financial consequenses in the apllication of the memorandum due to political instability?are new fiscal measures about to come?

    With Appreciation,


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  18. Here is a thought of the day: Let’s dispense with political hypocrisy.

    The so called Greek coalition government have ceased to be a functioning unit the minute PASOK and DHMAR took it upon themselves that they had enough with austerity and that they also had enough with Samaras taking all the credit and treating them as junior partners.

    To suggest that the temporary closing (ERT going off the air until August) is now a watershed event, I find it outrageously hypocritical.

    This move comes down to pure political calculation. If this fragile coalition falls and a new government is elected, ND would still be the lead party (with the 50 parliament seat bonus intact), PASOK would drop down to 5% (from the 11% it had a year ago – which in practical terms will force PASOK into bankruptcy), DHMAR will get pretty much the same 4% it got last time and SYRIZA just about equal with ND (but without the parliamentary bonus and perhaps a small loss in the process). The biggest winner of such election would be the despicable Golden Dawn which will entrench itself as the 3rd largest political party after ND and SYRIZA.

    For those naïve enough and having a death wish of elevating illegality to the position of 3rd largest political party, one has to question their collective IQ for deciding to do all this over a 3 month hiatus for a public broadcaster with an unquestionable need for some serious cleaning up.

    Go ahead; make the fascists day!

    • Since you reside in a country that has no concept of public broadcasting, we can sympathise with your lack of understanding about how European countries function. The closure of ERT is a serious threat to democracy in Greece and is seen as such across the continent. The fact that it was a typical case of political clientelism (involving ND as much as other parties) is not the reason for its closure. The bombshell announcement (which has also cut all relay transmissions of BBC, DW, Cyprus tv and of course the Vouli channel) is doubtless a desperate attempt to impress the Troika that the Samaras regime is cutting civil service jobs.

      If Greeks accept this outrageous and arbitrary act, which has no democratic legitimacy and therefore is contrary to the Constitution — regardless of whatever the senile fool of Papoulias may say — then Greece has no prospects at all. This is de facto a return to the standards of the 1967 junta, moderated by EU rules and political pressure. It is not only a disgrace for Greece, but also for Europe. The staffing policies of ERT are something to be negotiated, perhaps with an expert commission to report on it. But the idea that one of the main causes of its problems is somehow trying to remedy those problems is so ridiculous… the most likely outcome is that the replacement ERT will never again be able to criticise the government in power. That is why it is the beginning of the end of democracy in Greece.

    • I agree wit h your estimation of the situation. We need elections like a hole in the head, but it seems that light is shining through from ear to ear.

    • Xenos:

      Are you serious? No public broadcasting in my country?

      How about the finest public broadcasting the world over. Here is a little something about “your country” from the public broadcasting of “my country” that according to you does not exist. I think you might learn something in the process. Watch and learn:


    • OK, but let’s dispense with all hypocrisies!

      There is no doubt that ERT was a wasteful organization. But, the same ND politicians who announced its closing contributed to this waste even during the past year, hiring presenters who could not utter a sentence on camera (Ms. Salangoudi – her father was an ND ex-minister involved in a corruption scandal) or reporters who never showed for work at ERT (Ms. Retsou – ND candidate for MP who actually worked in the office of Kedikoglou, the minister who announced the closing of ERT!!).

      Yes, Greece is a Jurassic Park, but Samaras and his cronies are among the dominant species of dinosaurs and (even now) chief practitioners of political clientelism.

      Still, the ERT incident is nothing more than another attempt of Samaras to weaken his junior partners in the coalition government. PASOK and DHMAR have no good options here: if they oppose the closing of ERT they will be blamed for bringing down the government and triggering immediate elections that will further weaken them; if they support Samaras, they lose any credibility they have left as serious “centrist” balance forces to ND.

      Samaras is a shrewd politician. He will deal with PASOK and DHMAR now and worry about Golden Dawn (GD) later. After all, a large fraction of GD supporters come from the right and, in a polarized election, they will vote for ND to stop a SYRIZA-led government.

    • Go ahead [call elections]; make the fascists day!

      Well, well, what do you know! The self-declared Zionist Dean Plassaras is concerned about fascism in Greece. That would be akin to the pot calling the kettle black — pitch black.

      Speaking of Zionist buffoons … The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper told the U.K. Parliament this afternoon that the choice between austerity and growth in Europe “is a false dichotomy,” and that Europe needs “good measures of both.” He then went on to declare his undying love for the state of Israel (really, he did). And that was that.

    • @Dean: i have heard of PBS but have rarely seen it. Obviousy, it bears no comparison with the importance of public broadcasting in Europe, which usually outclasses the private sector.

      I did not learn anything from the video link, (forbidden to view in Greece) other than this message:

      “National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by The Boeing Company. Major funding for NOVA is provided by David H. Koch, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS viewers.”

      Boeing? Koch? Puleez…

    • K. Tempis:

      What is your point?

      That because ND has contributed in the ERT mess, therefore ERT is untouchable?

      Didn’t the left try a version of this already by telling us that the Greek people couldn’t vote for ND, Pasok and others because they were guilty for the mess?

      If they were guilty, how come the “innocence” theory did not get any traction?

      How many times would the Greek left use this line? and for what purpose? Does virginity have anything to do political competence?

      This is one of the most infuriating statements coming out of the Greek left. That because the left is the “athoa peristera” then it gets first place by default.

      How many times do we need to have elections in Greece for Tsipras and his crew to realize that they don’t have what it takes? The left might be passionate but it does not persuade. Absent persuasion, the Left then reverts to self-righteousness.

      Why do you confuse the job application posted in Greece for the “most competent needed” with “the most amateurish possible”?

      Finally, isn’t Stournaras from the Left? Isn’t he ideologically from the left camp even further out than PASOK? And isn’t ERT his gig? So, why do you keep bringing up Samaras for something that is clearly in Stournaras’s domain? Do you think that Samaras would ever rule out Stournaras on economic matters? Stournaras is THE person who decides economic policy and action. Therefore what is your message to Stournaras? That even though he comes for the Left that he couldn’t touch ERT because Samaras and ND have a pre-history with ERT? But that is precisely why Stournaras was given the economic clean up job. Imagine a traditional conservative ND politician appointed as Finance Minister and trying to do the same. Then your argument might have some validity.

    • @Dean: your style represents everything that the British despise about Americans. What is that? — self-advertising, self-important and none too bright. Oh, and obsessed with money.

    • For Dean Plassaras from K. Tempis

      I am sorry you completely missed the point I was trying to make.

      You spoke of hypocrisies and I responded (with two specific examples – there are many more, alas!) that it is very hypocritical of the current Greek administration to pull the plug (literally!) and shut down ERT because it is a corrupt and wasteful organization.

      Everybody in Greece and abroad will agree that the Greek public sector (including ERT) needs reform and restructuring. I just do not have a lot of confidence that this can be done by people who openly practice cronyism (while they speak of “cleaning up” the place) and call “dinosaurs” (read Samaras’ “Jurassic Park” speech) the other politicians and trade union leaders without admitting (or even realizing?) that they too belong to the oldest and one of the two or three most dominant species of “political dinosaurs.”

      Really, what happened here reminds me of the famous “Casablanca” scene when the Chief of Police, Captain Renault, orders the closing down of Rick’s bar:

      Rick: How can you close me up? On what grounds?

      Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!

      [a croupier hands Renault a pile of money]
      Croupier: Your winnings, sir.

      Captain Renault: [sotto voce] Oh, thank you very much.


      PS: On the other issues you touched upon, time will tell us what will happen with the Left and the Right, when there will be elections, or who is really running the show in Greece.

  19. There is an Indian proverb that says:
    When you walk next to an elephant, be careful because that elephant might make a turn.

    The workers in ERT were a loyal servant to the government. ERT’s journalists were

    1) deliberately deceiving people (making them believe that the economic crisis were their fault and not the fault of the bankers).

    2) hiding scandals (no word for the article that appeared on NY Times yesterday about certain bankers in Greece and their “controversial” actions) – thanks for the link on twitter.

    3) promoting government’s propaganda (remember their role in the recent elections)

    4) blacklisting people that were criticizing the government (i don’t think i need to cite an example)

    These so-called “servants of the free press” believed that by staying loyal to the system of “Bankcruptocracy” (i hope you don’t mind me copying you) they would be safe. Well, they were wrong!

    ERT’s duty was to tell the truth and support the other working classes that were already suffering because of the economic policy. Had they not forgotten their duty as “servants of the free press” then maybe things would have been better for them and for the rest of Greeks.

    This should be a good lesson to everybody who wants to serve this corrupted system. No matter how loyal you are, you are still expendable.

    • Absolutely, totally agree. ERT was an, until recently, indispensible part of the corrupt system. Most people I know do not take issue with ERT being shut down, although of course they support the concept of a free public independent media station (ERT was no such thing under any circumstances), they take issue with the government violating the constitution and issuing orders on the spot like a dictatorship. The government obviously does not need ERT now, they have the rest “private” media under their control through the banking system, therefore ERT was expendable.

  20. Για όσους ανόητους επιχαίρονται για το κλείσιμο της ΕΡΤ, για τη νέα ΕΡΤ θα πληρώνουμε περισσότερα και δεν θα υπάρχει καμιά “διαφάνεια”. Οι κόρες και οι γιοι των βουλευτών θα αναλάβουν την ενημέρωση και την ψυχαγωγία μας. Αλλά, κάποιοι αφελείς καθισμένοι μπροστά στην οθόνης τους “απολαμβάνουν” τη δυνατότητα να “σχολιάζουν” πιστεύοντας ότι αυτό είναι “δημοκρατία”.
    “Το μέτρο του απείρου είναι η ανθρώπινη βλακεία” είπε κάποιος παλιά που δεν έχει σελίδα στο facebook.
    Η Ελλάδα δε σώζεται με τίποτα. Οι έξυπνοι έχουν αποχωρήσει, αφήνοντας τους ηλίθιους πίσω, έτοιμους ραγιάδες για άλλα 400 χρόνια. Άνεργους ραγιάδες με facebook…

  21. Public Television & radio are important voices in any country’s media landscape and cannot be shut down BUT in this instance ERT could have used a trimming of staff. When I had to work at ERT some years ago i witnessed people who just sat around and would not let me do the work I was there to do and that included the mind boggling scene of stopping me from pushing the record button on a machine because the unions said only their kind can run those machines so go kill a couple of hours waiting for royalty to come push that button. that happened pretty often. So no the current government cannot just shut down a public media outlet and leave us with vested private interests and tv stations but as in most public sector organizations it could have gotten rid of some of the dead weights but wait the UNIONS wont let them touch anyone competent or not. Greek reality.

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  23. On behalf of the thousands of broadcast journalists in the BBC in London, the National Union of Journalists sends our solidarity, support and spirit of righteous anger to all our colleagues at ERT. We stand with them in opposition to this act of cultural vandalism.
    David Campanale
    BBC Branch (London)
    National Union of Journalists

    • Thousands of folk, if not MILLIONS, all over the planet, who know nothing about the history of ERT, DO know the history of Greece as the cradle of Democracy.
      Instinctively, everyone sees that hard-earned democracy now being brutally scorned!
      If this is allowed in modern Greece, with the ‘protection’ of the European Union, the entire planet can soon expect a very rough ride indeed, as we slide into a PROVOKED anarchy worldwide, without any exaggeration whatsoever!
      . As David Campanale, Chairman of the BBC Branch in London of the National Union of Journalists so rightly states, the closure of ERT is an “act of cultural vandalism” – to put it mildly!
      “Assassination” is the word that comes to my mind, and no doubt to many other minds too! – No matter what was going on within ERT, no matter how ‘ancient’, how ‘decrepit’, how ‘over-financed’ it was supposed to be!
      – So will we now hear the untold millions being spent on restoring the Parthenon will be abandoned as it is left to rot with the reasoning that it has passed its sell by date and needs a quick trim?

  24. They are corporate fascists who have deliberately sabotaged your country financially…and are incrementally destroying your public service foundations and front line services…replacing them with their own private enterprise NEO-fascists. The corporate aristocracy must not be permitted to get away with the biggest con on earth. Austerity measures and the War on Terror inc are attempting to transform the people into voiceless serfs into a form of authoritarian capitalist countries, similar to China and Russia. Time the people took their democracies back…cleaned out the corporate aristocrats and their neo-fascist, NEO-liberal ideology and minions.

  25. Greece, and the spiritual home of Democracy, will not lose its voice in the closure of ERT !!! “Greece took another step down the stairway to hell” said a journalist. NO!
    … The ENTIRE WORLD took another step down the stairway to hell!. – No exaggeration; no joke.

  26. Για την ταμπακιέρα τίποτα κε Βαρουφάκη. Πρέπει η ΕΡΤ, όπως την ξέρουμε, να κλείσει και να αντικατασταθεί από ένα νέο σχήμα ή όχι. Οι συνδικαλισταράδες της την ήθελαν όπως ήταν χωρίς καμμία αλλαγή και αντιστάθηκαν σθεναρά σε όποιαδήποτε πρόταση Ποιά είναι η δική σας θέση? ‘Η το μόνο που σας ενόχλησε ήταν ο τρόπος που έγινε?

    • Ἡ ΕΡΤ πρέπει νὰ ἐξυγιανθεῖ. Ὅπως πρέπει νὰ ἐξυγιανθοῦν καὶ τὰ νοσοκομεῖα, τὰ πανεπιστήμια, κλπ.

      Ἄλλο ἐξυγίανση καὶ ἄλλο κλείσιμο, καὶ μάλιστα χωρὶς προετοιμασία καὶ μὲ ἄπειρο ἐρασιτεχνισμό. Διαφορετικὰ νὰ κλείσομε ἐδῶ καὶ τώρα καὶ τὰ δημόσια νοσοκομεῖα.

      Ἡ κυβέρνηση δὲν δίνει δεκάρα γιὰ τὴν ΕΡΤ. Τὴν ἐνδιαφέρει ἁπλῶς νὰ φτιάξει μιὰν ΕΡΤ στὰ κομματικὰ μέτρα της ἐν ὄψει τῶν ἑπομένων ἐκλογῶν. Καὶ πρὸς τοῦτο δὲν ὀρρωδεῖ πρὸ οὐδενός. Δυστυχῶς.

    • Ah, another troll of the governing party’s far-right “Truth Team” (i.e. a band of good-for-nothing trolls who scan the internet for criticism of his Highness Mr. Antonis Samaras and start denigrating and even threatening the dissenters).

      Let’s talk facts here:

      The public broadcaster was the only place where one could watch some real journalism (like Mr. Avgeropoulos or Mr. Vaxevanis’ work, for instance – I know you far-right nutjobs hate them, but then again the right wing has always hated and persecuted any person of dignity), the only place where one could watch a decent movie and the only place where discourse in talk shows was not of Jerry Springer level.

      Let’s talk about the unionist cronies, shall we? Which party did they belong to, if not New “Democracy” and PASOK? And who imposed the nepotism and lack of transparency in Greece, if not the governments themselves? And now Mr. Kedikoglou and the government’s internet trolls come to accuse others? Quite some nerve – even Goebbels himself would tip his hat to you, if he were alive today.

      Let’s face it: the government wants no public TV, because it wants the upcoming elections to be manipulated, as far as propaganda is concerned, by the TV stations that are owned (and function illegally, by the way) by the oligarchs that support it. Very Venezuela coup d’etat…

      As for you, “Truth Team” party cronies, I wouldn’t bet you a single groat that you would be able to keep a job in the private sector for more than fifteen days. So, “dear” GP, get a job.

  27. Μπράβο, μπράβο, μπράβο, μπράβο, κύριε Βαρουφάκη ! Χίλια μπράβο και ευχαριστώ ! (δεν εργάζομαι στην ΕΡΤ!)

  28. Love your post! I am a person of the political right in Greece, but we have substantial common ground on your economic analysis and matters of debt deflation. Same way that I can related to Nouriel Roubini and Paul Krugman, even though our politics differ.

    Of course, I would like to see the Eurozone broken up with the Periphery free of the core and the Core with the Germans forced to revalue. I would prefer a smaller, weaker Brussels and more power to the EU members along the lines of the European Community. Perhaps the UK will leave and show the example. Others like Norway and Switzerland have been the leading lights, along with the Swedish and Danish example, where they wisely demurred on the Eurozone.

    No self respecting nation could ever be part of the current Eurozone!!!

  29. Η κότα έκανε το αυγό ή το αυγό την κότα? Μαζί τα φάγαμε και άρα φταίνε οι πολιτικοί που βόλευαν αλλά και αυτοί που πίεζαν για να βολευτούν? Οι αξιόλογοι υπάλληλοι της ΕΡΤ δεν γνώριζαν τόσα χρόνια τους μη αξιόλογους και μη αξιολογημένους συναδέλφους τους? Τι έκαναν γι’αυτό? Πως προστάτεψαν οι ίδιοι το πολύτιμο και για εμένα και για πολλούς δημόσιο μέσο ενημέρωσης? (όχι δεν χρειαζόμαστε άλλο ένα κανάλι παραπολιτισμού σαν τα ιδιωτικά) Έγινε ποτέ απεργία η στάση εργασίας για να σταματήσει εδώ και τώρα η τοποθέτηση υπαλλήλων με ρουσφέτια? Τα ίδια και στην Ολυμπιακή…μίλησε ποτέ κανένα σωματείο για να σταματήσει το φαγοπότι? Μετά την Ύβρη έρχεται η Νέμεσις ίσως επί δικαίων (που όμως δεν προάσπισαν τους εαυτούς τους – βλέποντας αίσχη και μη μιλώντας) και επί αδίκων. Ήρθε η στιγμή να μάθουμε να διεκδικούμε από τον διπλανό μας να είναι σωστός και να δεχόμαστε να διεκδικεί κι ο άλλος το ίδιο από εμάς, στη δουλειά μας, στη συμπεριφορά μας, παντού… μόνο έτσι θα έχει κάποια ελπίδα η κοινωνία μας.

    • It is worth reading an excerpt from a letter released by ERT employees three months ago, denouncing crony hiring by the government (all here): 

      “Which job offer and which sector employed Mr. Anthony Liaros? Mr. Liaros, candidate MP with PASOK in the last election, was hired with a salary of 3,500 euros but has never appeared at ERT, nor done any type of work here. Which job offer at ERT and where exactly is employed Mrs. Matina RETSOU? Mrs. RETSOU hired with a salary of 3,000 euros ‘adviser’. RETSOU The lady, who had come down as a candidate in elections as MP for ND in Evia, has also never stepped foot in ERT and is employed daily in the office of the Secretary-government spokesman Mr. Simos Kedikoglou. Whole journalistic rank knows that. Which job offer ERT and what field worker is Mr. Christos Maheras? Mr. Maheras was hired with a salary of 3,500 euros per month and has also never appeared at ERT. Which job offer ERT Ms. Voula Kehagia? Mrs. Kehagia was recently hired 3,500 per month and also never appears in the offices of ERT.

      The response of New Democracy to this complaint came yesterday. 

      Should we assume that Liatsos, Liaros, Retsou and the rest of the phylum, as well as those who appointed them, will find new jobs in the new ERT? Or will they be moved to another public post … 

      Note: I especially appreciate the outing of Simon Kedigoglou’s employee Mrs. Retsou, since Simon Kedigoglou – the government spokesman who announced the closure yesterday – accompanied his announcement with denunciations of ERT’s corruption & cronyism!

    • Πολύ φοβάμαι αγαπητή Elenits οτι το post σας απλά επιβεβαιώνει το “too little, too late”…φαντάζομαι οτι τα 5-10 ονόματα που αναφέρονται στο γράμμα είναι μόνο η κορυφή του παγόβουνου, και το γράμμα ήρθε πολύ αργά…στο εξής θα πρέπει παρόμοια γράμματα και πράξεις εναντίον στις πρακτικές αυτές να είναι καθημερινό φαινόμενο στην Ελληνική κοινωνία, μέχρι να καταλάβουμε το οτι το μοντέλο “σε καλύπτω σε μια παρανομία γιατί θα χρειαστεί να με καλύψεις για κάποια άλλη” πέθανε…

    • Πολύ φοβάμαι αγαπητή Elenits οτι το post σας απλά επιβεβαιώνει το “too little, too late”…φαντάζομαι οτι τα 5-10 ονόματα που αναφέρονται στο γράμμα είναι μόνο η κορυφή του παγόβουνου, και το γράμμα ήρθε πολύ αργά…στο εξής θα πρέπει παρόμοια γράμματα και πράξεις εναντίον στις πρακτικές αυτές να είναι καθημερινό φαινόμενο στην Ελληνική κοινωνία, μέχρι να καταλάβουμε το οτι το μοντέλο “σε καλύπτω σε μια παρανομία γιατί θα χρειαστεί να με καλύψεις για κάποια άλλη” πέθανε…

  30. Shouldn’t it be possible to set up a makeshift web stream?

    What would be needed is a webcam and some (international?) support in the form of streaming servers to keep the infrastructure from melting under the load.

  31. so what is next?the country needs you, η ευκαιρια και η αφορμη, το timing ειναι στην ιδια ευθεια

  32. just make certain that the world is informed. we are in a crossroad.
    there is a frequency war, actual frequencies, that need to be protected.
    the gov is tottaly selling out the land and the people.

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