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Since stepping down as Greece’s finance minister in the leftist Syriza government, Yanis Varoufakis has been touring the world with his words, giving speeches to packed-out audiences. He spends much of the year with his wife Danae Stratou on Aegina, an island near Athens. From there, the couple can no doubt see that his work is a long way from being realised. Greece is still ensnared by crisis. But his main political focus now is ‘agitating’ for a “democratic European Union”.
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Judge for yourself: The speech with which I ‘antagonised’ the Eurogroup

One after the other, officials who took part in bringing Greece’s elected government to its knees last July are now coming out of the woodwork with claims that the reason for the six month stalemate between Athens and the Eurogroup in the first half of 2015 was… me. One finance minister recently claimed that upon hearing my statement in the first Eurogroup I attended (11th February 2015) he could sense Greece was heading “straight to the rocks”. Others have castigated the same intervention as inflammatory, antagonistic toward my colleagues, evidence that I was not serious about negotiating, plus a number of other epithets that propriety prevents me from reproducing here. Continue reading

Europe Is Our Home, We Need to Fix It – in Handelsblatt, 30 OCT 2015

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YV Handessblatt 30 OCT 2015Yanis Varoufakis was appointed as Greek finance minister after the far-left Syriza party came to power inJanuary. The academic resigned in July after it became clear Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was going to askfor a third bailout, despite winning a referendum that rejected E.U. imposed austerity.

Handelsblatt sat down with Mr. Varoufakis this week to discuss his dramatic year at the epicenter of European politics.

The man who rocked the boat. Source: DPA

Handelsblatt: Mr. Varoufakis, at the time you were minister of finance, Greece was not very successful in getting creditors to accept their demands or suggestions. Some people fear, othershope, that the refugee crisis has improved the negotiating power of Greece and other countriesvis-à-vis Germany? 

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Greece without illusions – op-ed in Project Syndicate

b85ad19aa07a53832e74a323f95f77ea.landscapeLargeATHENS – “The costliest minor government reshuffle in Greece’s history.” That is at least one way to describe the result of the Greek general election on September 20. Indeed, with few exceptions, the same ministers have returned to the same offices as part of an administration backed by the same odd pair of parties (the left-wing Syriza and the smaller right-wing Independent Greeks), which received only a slightly lower share of the vote than the previous administration. But the appearance of continuity is misleading. While the percentage of voters backing the government is relatively unchanged, 1.6 million of the 6.1 million Greeks who voted in the July 5 referendum on continued “extend-and-pretend” loans with stringent austerity strings attached did not turn out. The loss of so many voters in little more than two months reflects the electorate’s dramatic change in mood – from passionate to glum… Continue reading here

POLITICO: Interview

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 09.40.18VAROUFAKIS TOLD YOU SO

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A message for Mr Renzi

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.43.38Italian PM M. Renzi (click here for his speech) rejoiced at having “got rid of me” – citing my ‘removal’ from the ‘scene’ as a sign that ‘apostates’ (i.e. those who divide their parties) are jettisoned. His is a motivated illusion. Last July ‘they’ ‘got rid’ of something much more important than me. Here is my message to the Italian PM…

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Tsipras’ triumph vs the impossible task of implementing a program designed to fail – in The Guardian

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.06.40Alexis Tsipras has snatched resounding victory from the jaws of July’s humiliating surrender to the troika of Greece’s lenders. Defying opposition parties, opinion pollsters and critics within his ranks (including this writer), he held on to government with a reduced, albeit workable, majority. The question is whether he can combine remaining in office with being in power.

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Interview in Corriere Della Sera – 16 SEP 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 15.22.26L’ex ministro greco delle Finanze: «Presto ci sarà il lancio ufficiale e una sinistra pan europea capace di offrire una politica alternativa all’austerità»

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