A Greek Drama (a BBC Radio Play) – My 10 factual corrections

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As I am a central character in this dramatisation of the five month-long standoff between our government and the Eurogroup/Troika, I am loath to offer a critical review. However, it may be useful to listeners (but also to the BBC’s production team) to correct some factual errors. Continue reading

Address at the Cambridge Union, 26 OCT 2015 – full video

On 26th October 2015 I had the pleasure of addressing the Cambridge Union on the theme: THE EURO CRISIS THROUGH THE LENS OF THE CAMBRIDGE TRADITION. The Union has just posted a video of the event. Also, click below for an audio version and here for a video of my talk at the Oxford Union, delivered only three days previously.


Refugees, Europe & the Australian Economy – Q&A debate, ABC tv, 23 NOV 2015

Q&A ABC tv Episode 43 – 23/11/2015
23 November 2015


  • Yanis Varoufakis, Former finance minister of Greece
  • Greg Hunt, Australia’s Minister for the Environment
  • Geraldine Brooks, Author and journalist
  • Anthony Albanese, Australia’s Shadow Infrastructure Minister
  • Judith Sloan, Businesswoman, Academic and Columnist
  • Tasneem Chopra, Chair, Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights.

THE WORLD Weekly – interview

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Since stepping down as Greece’s finance minister in the leftist Syriza government, Yanis Varoufakis has been touring the world with his words, giving speeches to packed-out audiences. He spends much of the year with his wife Danae Stratou on Aegina, an island near Athens. From there, the couple can no doubt see that his work is a long way from being realised. Greece is still ensnared by crisis. But his main political focus now is ‘agitating’ for a “democratic European Union”.
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Bittere Bilanz (Bitter Balance) – Interview with Funkhaus Europa (WDR)

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Interview mit Yanis VaroufakisBittere Bilanz

Von Miltiadis Oulios

Kein Grieche hat in diesem Jahr die Gemüter in Deutschland so erregt wie Yanis Varoufakis. Die einen bewundern ihn, die anderen regen sich über ihn auf. Als griechischer Finanzminister ist Varoufakis zurückgetreten. Aber als Buchautor und Vortragsredner ist der Ökonomie-Professor weiterhin unterwegs – auch in Deutschland. Im Gespräch mit Funkhaus-Europa-Moderator Miltiadis Oulios zieht er eine bittere Bilanz seiner Zeit in der griechischen Regierung.

In conversation with Martin Wolf, FT Banking Conference, 3rd November 2015

YV and Martin Wolf 3 OCT 2015

In this 30 minute conversation with Martin Wolf, the FT’s Chief Economics Commentator), we discussed the on-going Eurozone crisis, what policies might end it, and the political impediments to their implementation. A detailed list of Martin’s questions follows. For readers without the time or interest to listen to the full podcast can jump to the denoted minute/second: Continue reading