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Full transcript of the Yanis Varoufakis | Noam Chomsky NYPL discussion

The full transcript of my discussion with Noam Chomsky at the New York Public Library (26th April 2016) was just sent to me by Kelly Patrick Gerling. I thank him profusely. Here it is, just below the video window April 26, 2016, LIVE from the New York Public Library, www.nypl.org/live, Celeste Bartos Forum YANIS VAROUFAKIS: Good evening, we don’t have anyone […]

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Greece, Germany and the Eurozone – Keynote at the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, Berlin 8th June 2015

CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO Thank you for inviting me. Thank you for being here. Thank you for the warm welcome. Above all thank you for the opportunity to build bridges, to pave common ground, to bring harmony in the face of blatant attempts to sow the seeds of discord between peoples whose historic duty […]

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Biblical economics leave everybody blind and toothless – Interviewed by Johanna Jaufer

Am Sonntag wählt Griechenland ein neues Parlament. In den Umfragen liegt das Linksbündnis SYRIZA an erster Stelle. Die Partei rund um Alexis Tsipras wirbt mit der Ankündigung, sich um einen Schuldenerlass für Griechenland zu bemühen. Schon lange informeller Berater der Partei, ist der Ökonom Yanis Varoufakis seit kurzem offizieller Kandidat und wird immer wieder als [...]
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Being Greek and an Economist While Greece Burns: An intimate account – MGSA Keynote 2013

(Gonda Van Steen introduced the audience to the MGSA 2013 Conference and Artemis Leontis introduced me. The talk begins at around 10′, when the audio becomes loud and clear) The Modern Greek Studies Association (MGSA) kindly invited me to deliver its 2013 Keynote, at the MGSA biannual Conference held at Indiana University. I grabbed the opportunity […]

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The Dirty War for Europe's Integrity and Soul

Inaugural ‘Europe Public Lecture’, UWS, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney On 23rd October 2013, I was honoured by the Department of History of the University of Western Sydney with an invitation to deliver their inaugural Europe Public Lecture. The event took place in the State Library of New South Wales, in Sydney. The […]

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Interviewed by Geraldine Dooge (ABC Radio National) on Greece's Wartime 'Loan' to Germany. Plus a simple proposal for killing two birds with one stone

On Saturday 12th October, I was interviewed by Geraldine Dooge for the ABC Radio National’s program ‘Saturday Extra’ on the theme of Greek claims on Germany for wartime reparations and on a strange ‘loan’ that was extracted from the Greek government by the Nazi authorities. You can hear the interview here:   Read on for […]


POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY &ECONOMICS: Assorted posts 30 NOV 2010 – Cutting our noses to spite our faces The trouble with austerian logic is that it is grossly illogical. It does not even make sense in terms of the logic of microeconomics, let alone that of macroeconomics. 2 DEC 2010 – Antisemitism’s handmaidens I was recently sent a book that warmed my heart […]


After the 2nd World War, and under the purposeful guidance of the United States, Europe began the process of integration which succeeded in making it possible to imagine a United Europe. For decades Europe’s elites bopped merrily across a sea of self-satisfying myths which nevertheless proved functional to the difficult task of creating the requisite […]


Over the years, the frequency of my tv interventions has been highly correlated with the Euro Crisis’ above-the-surface intensity. This page offers links to some of them. Featured videos: The two featured videos that I selected for this page are: (a) a mini documentary on the Euro Crisis that I wrote and presented for Channel […]

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A Mental Experiment for establishing the relative mood for solving the Crisis in Europe, in Britain & in the USA

I have a hunch: that the Eurozone’s profound difference to both the United States and Britain is that, unlike these anglosaxon ‘currency unions’, the Eurozone’s real elite does not want the Crisis to disappear quickly and painlessly. In this post I offer a mental experiment that will help each and every reader rule on the […]